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brad and kelsey

Our Start

BadMab Design was established in 2008 after I (Brad) got tired of losing 10% of each sale through Ebay final value fees. Sure, it’s easy to get your start there and I actually still use it quite a bit, but I knew I could save a lot of money if I started selling items though my own website.  I set out to find a web designer and all I could find were overpriced freelancers. I knew I could go to school to learn how to write the code myself, plus I would save maintenance costs by altering the site myself in the future.

Starting with E-Commerce

The e-commerce site I set up was a tremendous success! After getting the ball rolling by advertising through forums and other paid ads I decided I wanted to harness the traffic getting power of Google to use in conjunction with my current marketing efforts. I knew Search Engine Optimization (getting your sites ranked in Google and other search engines) was far more difficult than web design due to its ever-changing algorithms and guidelines. For that reason I wanted to study under the absolute best.



Search Engine Domination!

nhb training

I set out to find the best SEO experts available and a few names kept popping up: Mike Long, Greg Morison, and Alex Becker. To attain a well-rounded understanding of how to dominate search engines I decided to follow all three experts. After training I started ranking my own websites and actually found that I was at times actually able to claim three or four spots on the first page (what I call Search Engine Domination), leaving virtually no relevant room for the competition. My efforts were so successful that they were actually featured on Mike and Greg’s OMG Blog! I continued to rank site, fine tuning my process until I felt comfortable offering it to local and national clients.

What Now?

Now I want to help other businesses in Greensboro and the surrounding Triad to experience the same success I have had. How will I be able to do this? By providing the best search engine optimization, web design, and internet marketing services that I have used to propel my own online ventures to the top! My mission is to go above and beyond for every client, providing ten times the amount of service they expect. It’s simple, I want to treat a customer the same way or better than I would expect to be treated, no exceptions.

Connect with me

If you would like to connect with me you can find me on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Or you can simply contact me through this site.